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Soulstice, Ltd. is comprised of career-minded massage therapists

We have revolutionized massage therapy by developing Peri-operative Therapy - integrated manual techniques that are applied around the time of surgery to help people recover faster.

Soulstice therapists are career-minded, intuitive, 'intrapreneurs', take pride in their work, and have a drive to 'build relationships for life'. Our therapists are specifically trained by the founders of Soulstice to provide Peri-operative Therapy. Our course is approved by NCBTMB for 20 hours of continuing education. We also work with occupational medicine providers in the rehabilitation of work comp and auto injury clients.

We expect our therapists to observe surgeries, have passion and curiosity for anatomy and physiology, consider the whole body when establishing a treatment plan, follow through with referring providers, be inspired by learning new ways to apply technical skills - including lymph drainage massage, and hold compassion for the rehab client and their journey to improved health.

Peri-operative Therapy Continuing Education (Not available in 2022)

Soulstice presents:

The Fundamentals of Peri-Operative Therapy

Integrated Manual Techniques

For the Cosmetic Surgery Client

As massage therapy is increasingly recognized in the medical community, a new rehabilitation application has been created for this ancient venerable art. Although the concepts of Peri-operative Therapy are beneficial for all clients who are experiencing any physical trauma, our specialty course will specifically focus within the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery industry.

Clients are encouraged by their physicians to massage their surgical sites to increase circulation, increase range of motion and mobility, and reduce swelling and bruising. That's when the client questions and fear begin to unfold, and a manual technician is needed. How much is pressure is appropriate? Will I massage myself too much? How often should I be applying my self massage?

The Fundamentals of Peri-Operative Massage Therapy teaches integrated palpation techniques addressing the needs of the burgeoning cosmetic surgery industry. A participating massage therapist, R.N., O.T., P.T., will obtain the skills necessary to understand varying cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures and related techniques, monitor for surgical complications, educate and support clients throughout their recovery process and interface with post-surgical Soulstice clients to develop the skills needed to interface with the medical/surgical community.

This advanced manual therapy course provides the foundation for a new practice specialty.

Training Objectives:

  1. To specialize highly-skilled therapists in Peri-operative Therapy
  2. Through a hands-on treatment protocol, teach massage therapists how to approach a client peri-surgically to aid clients with their healing process
  3. Raise awareness of the different phases of healing, including indications and contraindications of treatment
  4. To expand a therapist's vocabulary and understanding of varying surgical procedures within the cosmetic surgery industry
  5. To empower therapists to interface with the cosmetic surgery industry, including the physicians and their staff
  6. To provide resources so that the therapist will be able to easily integrate this new technique in to their current practice
  7. Through a hands-on treatment protocol, teach therapists how to approach a client peri-surgically and to aid clients with their healing process


Soulstice suggests that participating therapists have the basic knowledge of lymph drainage, and significant experience in medical and treatment-based massage therapy.

Continuing Education

Soulstice, Ltd. is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider.

The Soulstice Fundamentals of Peri-Operative Massage Therapy course provides participating students with 20 CE's.

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork