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Now that you've decided to own your own business, own one that's worthwhile.  And if your passion is helping people, then you're in luck with Soulstice.   Soulstice is a healthcare business derived from the massage therapy industry.  A number of years ago we discovered a specialized market niche helping people recover faster and more efficiently following surgical procedures.


Ann Brooks and Kent Lemburg, founders of Soulstice, Ltd., have developed a client-centered pre- and post-surgical treatment to alleviate pain and expedite healing. We call it Peri-operative Therapy. Gentle manual techniques assist in our client’s healing process and have proven effective to reduce recovery time, soften scar tissue, alleviate pain and reduce swelling and bruising.

In addition to our Peri-operative Therapy specialty, Soulstice therapists are highly skilled in a variety of soft tissue techniques designed to meet a variety of client needs from injury and accident recovery to everyday health maintenance.

We are a finer wine

Spa-themed massage businesses have proven to be a successful franchise model providing massage to the masses at an affordable price. People now seek quality massage therapy services over the low-cost and high volume competition. We hire and cultivate the finest therapists – compensating them equitably, competitively, and professionally.

A no-tipping environment

Healthcare providers, i.e. dentists, are not tipped after receiving their services. We are professional healthcare providers providing healthcare services, and therefore embrace a no-tipping policy. We charge appropriately for our services and our clients know what to expect.

Building Relationships for Life®

At the core of who we are is relationships that we build each and every day. We may touch a client’s life once, or for years – through their many phases of life. The depth and breadth of our client relationships and healthcare referral sources help define who we are.

Key program features/benefits:

  • Quality of life business opportunity
  • Affordable investment level
  • Ongoing cooperative advertising funds
  • Fundamentals of Peri-operative Therapy proprietary therapist training
  • Up-front and ongoing consultative support
  • Interact and receive support directly with the founders
  • Best territories are still available

Let’s get started

Learn more about owning your own Soulstice franchise. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process – 303-628-0205.

"The current state of major healthcare has made it nearly impossible for the medical entrepreneur to capitalize. At the same time high deductibles and extreme wait times scare away the general public from accessing crisis care. This perfect storm allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to create collateral healthcare businesses where people are conditioned to pay out of pocket for self-directed wellness services and products." Chad Vieth, M.D.

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