Peri-Operative Testimonials

"I thought it appropriate to express to you all how grateful I am for your post surgical care (Peri-operative Therapy). Without your educated and healing touch, my results would not be what they are today. As I reflect back on my 10 or so treatments, I wish that Soulstice operated in Toronto, Canada as I would continue with the beneficial healing therapy of your well trained practitioners. I can't say enough about how you made a tremendous difference in my recovery. I trust and hope that every patient considering cosmetic surgery understands the benefit of Peri-operative Therapy and fortunate enough to receive the healing touch of team Soulstice."B. Hamilton - Toronto, Canada

"My wife and I feel that Peri-operative Therapy has been the single most important aspect of our post-operative care. Our sessions accelerated our healing time, decreased the immediate swelling, reduced the scarring and stimulated nerve reproduction."R. Parham - Florida

"When I went in for my post-op appointments, following a tummy tuck, breast reduction and augmentation, I was given the name of a Soulstice. My physician and his staff highly recommended Peri-operative Therapy. I was apprehensive, because I had never even had a massage before, and quite frankly, I was very self conscious! Although my arms were a little painful and my scars were raised and rough, I decided to make my initial appointment. What a blessing it was! I spent the summer receiving treatments about every other week. My Soulstice therapist took the time to understand exactly what type of surgeries I had. I could tell that my therapist had such an understanding of the human anatomy just by the sensitivity and firmness he would use on each different area. As he would massage, he would make sure he was applying the right amount of pressure and would ask frequently how things felt, and how I was doing! He would go out of his way to make sure I was comfortable! The room was always just the right temperature; it was very soothing and relaxing! It turned out; I wasn't self conscious at all! He really worked hard on all of the areas to help smooth out my scars and tissue. I felt very relaxed with him, and do feel that Peri-operative Therapy helped me heal faster!"A. Norris - Aurora, CO

"I noticed immediate benefits from my Peri-operative Therapy treatments. They helped reduce my swelling, soreness and discomfort that I was experiencing following my surgical procedure."S. Kneefel - Aurora, CO

"Following my surgical procedure with Dr. Buford I was encouraged to receive Peri-operative Therapy with Soulstice. I was so pleased to have this post-surgical option to learn and understand my new body and heal more efficiently. My Soulstice experience created a perfect bridge from my surgery, accelerated my healing process and helped get me back on my feet sooner. My circulation was vastly improved, and this was very important to me since I found that I could not exercise so soon after surgery. I was surprised at how quickly my swelling dissipated after my treatments and faster than I had thought possible! I believe that receiving Peri-operative Therapy allowed me to experience my ultimate results much sooner, and therefore able to flaunt my results with pride. The image that I now present on the outside finally matches the personality inside."G. Derouen - Thornton, CO

"Soulstice Peri-operative Therapy was instrumental in the healing process before and after my knee replacement surgery. The staff's expertise and caring attitude encouraged me through difficult times. Now, five months later, I look forward to continuing my massages for relaxation and distressing. Owners, Kent Lemburg and Ann Brooks deserve kudos for their management of an A+ organization."S. Armstrong - Centennial, CO

"At ten days out from my face lift surgery I began receiving my treatments at Soulstice. Peri-operative Therapy was the one most important thing I did for myself as I healed. The staff at Soulstice helped me to make it through the fear, confusion, and questions I had during my recovery. It is very obvious that Soulstice therapists are highly educated and have extensive knowledge about post-operative recovery. I would recommend anyone who has had surgery, to make an appointment at Soulstice."D. Olhoft - Aurora, CO

"Peri-operative Therapy helped me lose about 8-10 lbs. (of swelling) in one session! It felt so great to get back into my clothes again. The services not only helped me heal, but greatly bolstered my self-esteem. I would highly recommend the technique and the trained professionals at Soulstice to anyone who has to go through the traumatic experience of surgery."H. Lees - Littleton, CO

"I am grateful for being introduced to Soulstice, and for the wonderful Peri-operative Therapy care and support I received after undergoing double mastectomy surgery. My surgeon was amazed at my recovery progress and how little scar tissue I had at the time of my reconstructive implant replacement surgery. Integrating regular Soulstice Peri-operative Therapy, for months post-surgically, made a huge impact on my overall progress and recovery from both surgeries. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"S. Cole - Highlands Ranch, CO

"Tracy had a slip and fall onto her right arm 6 weeks ago causing a double break in her radius. Her break required surgery with screws and plates to repair. Tracy’s therapist has recommended Soulstice Peri-operative Therapy x2 per week to reduce bruising, swelling, scarring and post-surgical pain. "My arm is getting better but I have a long way to go. I don’t want to sound over-dramatic but when I am at your place I get genuine and true relief that evades me most of the rest of the time. It will be a long haul made MUCH easier by the work you all do – your work is truly remarkable, powerful and so compassionate. I feel humbled."" Tracy Ashmore – Denver, CO