Physician Testimonials

"There is no question that therapeutic and lymphatic massage can be helpful in the peri-operative period. Our experience with Soulstice has been fantastic. I definitely recommend Soulstice for my patients."CO Plastic Surgeon

"Peri-operative Therapy aligns itself with industry advancements by recognizing the importance of a speedy recovery and a way that helps improve comfort with recovery. Essentially, Soulstice is our partner. They are another set of eyes and brains to monitor and follow the client while they recover."CO Plastic Surgeon

"Soulstice offers a remarkable value and benefit to our clients both medically and socially. From a medical stand point, Peri-operative Therapy speeds up recovery from post-operative edema. Socially, Soulstice provides care, comfort and support in between post-operative visits. They provide another point of service and contact."CO Plastic Surgeon

"New technology has allowed us to safely be more aggressive. As a result, there is a greater requirement for post-operative treatment like massage. They go hand-in-hand. The more aggressive we get, the more we need Soulstice and Peri-operative Therapy. By combining both services we can create a more positive experience for the client."CO Plastic Surgeon

"I have been extremely enthusiastic about the results which we have obtained thus far. By starting Peri-operative Therapy between 1 and 2 weeks postoperatively, we have discovered several benefits for our clients: less pain and sensitivity at the wound site, faster wound healing, lymph drainage to reduce swelling, less contour irregularities, reduced tension and stress around the wound site and where the patient may develop protective posturing."CO Plastic Surgeon

"I have received nothing but positive feedback from my clients concerning their dealings with Soulstice. The therapists are clearly people-oriented whose gentle style relates well to most clients. Surgical patients can feel reassured by their genuine sense of care and support. I cannot tell what a positive experience this has been for both me and my clients since dealing with the Soulstice® Peri-operative Therapy."A Colorado-based plastic surgeon

""I look for medical practitioners that can best serve my patients. They need to understand the rehabilitation process, how to minimize the number of treatment sessions, recognize the professional hierarchy in medical care, effectively communicate with my patients while being mindful of other practitioners, and cost-effective in producing results. Finding less invasive treatments for musculoskeletal pain can be difficult. Adding medical massage therapy does not detract from the medical process, rather it has helped my patients get back to work faster and engage in the functional activities of life with mindfulness and responsibility. Soulstice, Ltd. has made my job easier and is a vital resource for my patients. Their expert therapists have proven to manage my patient’s care with a high level of customer satisfaction, while being mindful that recovery from trauma requires individual responsibility in the rehabilitation process.""Dr. Christian Updike, M.D. – Medical Director of Employee Health for HealthOne Hospital System

"Patients will sometimes express apprehension about receiving massage soon after their surgeries. I’m pleased to say I’ve never had a patient regret receiving Soulstice® Peri-operative Therapy."Michael Bateman, MD, PC