Founders Ann Brooks and Kent Lemburg are seasoned massage therapists with the dream and vision to touch thousands of lives through the hands of hundreds of therapists. As entrepreneurs and visionaries, Ann and Kent created Soulstice to perpetuate and expand their valuable niche services called Peri-operative Therapy.

As of September 2020 Kent Lemburg has retired, and Ann Brooks continues to provide Peri-operative Therapy and Massage Therapy services at Soulstice.

, Co-owner & Peri-operative Therapist

Ann Brooks, Co-owner & Peri-operative Therapist

Ann trained at the Center of Advanced Therapeutics and developed Peri-operative Therapy with Kent Lemburg. Ann is an educator and networker by nature and is a resource for her clients on many levels. She has experienced injury and pain and understands the support needed to get through the dark times to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She draws analogies to real life situations so people can understand what is happening in their body and how to take responsibility by empowering them with knowledge and encouragement.

, (Retired) Co-owner & Peri-operative Therapist

Kent Lemburg, (Retired) Co-owner & Peri-operative Therapist

Kent trained at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1994 and developed Peri-operative Therapy with Ann Brooks in 2005. He retired in 2020 and spends his time with his partner and 2 kids after providing massage services for over 28 years.


Our therapists come to Soulstice® with various and diverse skills they have honed after completion of their formal massage therapy education. They are licensed in the state of Colorado, members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and/or the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Each Soulstice therapist is specialty-trained to provide our innovated Peri-operative Therapy services. This modality is designed to address the phases of healing resulting from a physical trauma or surgical procedure, and educates clients on how their bodies operate, react and recover.

Peri-operative Therapy sets Soulstice therapists apart from other massage therapists. Referring healthcare providers depend on this specialty to guide their patients through the healing journey of recovery and beyond.

, LMT & Peri-operative Therapist

Laurie Johnson, LMT & Peri-operative Therapist

Laurie trained at Denver School of Massage Therapy, Colorado School of Healing Arts, and the Upledger Institute. She entered her massage career to experience work/life balance for herself and model this for her clients, and enjoys the opportunity to connect on many levels with people from a variety of walks of life, personalities, and stages of healing. Laurie utilizes her knowledge of the lymphatic system and lymphatic bodywork techniques to help clients improve immune function along with many benefits to other body systems, including helping the body heal from physical trauma or surgery. Performing this work allows her the breadth and depth into her massage education and provide an avenue for personal expression of her life’s work by expressing her style through bodywork.