The Body Remodel of Liposuction


As part of ongoing training for our specialty service, Peri-operative Therapy, our therapists have the unique opportunity to observe surgeries from our referring physicians. Laurie, a seasoned Soulstice Peri-operative Therapist, recently observed a liposuction procedure. The plastic surgeon drew an analogy that we can all relate to, and Laurie’s story helps us see more clearly into our mysterious bodies…

I recently observed a liposuction procedure performed by one of our referring plastic surgeons in the Denver metro area. A fascinating experience in itself as the physician explained what she was doing (and why) throughout the surgery. Liposuction slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing some of the fat deposits in the body. It is most effective in the hips, flanks, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and neck. 

The doctor discussed some of the things that occur with the rest of the body when fat is removed from these problem areas. One point that stuck in my mind was what happens to the remaining fat cells in the body after the surgery. Our body simply stores it's fat in the remaining adipose (fat) cells! So as you consume food, the body will look for other locations to store this energy.

The surgeon used the following analogy: It’s like remodeling your kitchen with fewer storage cabinets. Consuming food is the equivalent of purchasing groceries, and instead of having all the kitchen cabinet space that you once had to place these groceries, you have to find other areas in your house to store them. Therefore, if the same amount, or type, of food is consumed as before the surgery, this may present a problem for your body. As with purchasing the same amount of groceries with a smaller kitchen space... where will it store the fat? The body will continue to store the fat in places where it still has fat cells, and this may result in an unwanted pattern of grocery distribution in the newly remodeled, smaller kitchen (your body).  

Liposuction is a highly effective procedure for people who want to remodel their fat composition. We have the opportunity to design a more aesthetically desirable home in our body surgically, but the rest of the remodeling effort is the ongoing care and attention to how we are stocking our shelves moving forward.

Soulstice Peri-operative Therapy is an integrated technique that assists surgical patients in their rehab process. We help people heal faster and feel empowered post surgically by offering an integrated therapeutic approach through the phases of healing. Please visit our website at to read more about our services.