Announces Its Newest Google Ranking for Term "Massage Denver"

back, which is widely recognized throughout the country for their Massage Therapy services, has achieved the top ranking in Google for their term “Massage Denver”.

Known for its wealth of health and healing benefits, Massage Therapy has been accepted as an effective healthcare tool and an effective means to bringing about faster healing for patients who may have experienced physical trauma and/or are recovering from a surgical procedure. Its benefits promote relief from stress and anxiety, improve emotional balance and stability, and boost the body’s immunity from various forms of disease.

Originally established by Ann Brooks and Kent Lemburg in 2004 in Denver, provides a variety of services such as Injury & Accident Therapy, Peri-Operative Therapy, and Health Maintenance services. Their programs have helped accelerate healing and recovery in patients following surgical procedures, accidents, and/or physical trauma. Their qualified team of medical massage therapists are also skilled at a variety of soft tissue techniques, which help clients recover quickly from physical injuries.

Throughout the years, Soulstice, Ltd. has gained a steady following of clients who turn to them not only for treatment after surgical procedures, but also to get relief from injury or stress, improve physiological health, and gain better clarity through Soulstice’ Health Maintenance services. Clients attest that the Soulstice team has been instrumental in helping them manage stress, reduce anxiety, and optimizing their bodies to feel and function better.

As the go-to authority for Massage Denver, the company consists of a highly skilled team of medical massage therapists who are equipped to provide clients with individualized programs suitable to their healthcare needs. Post-surgical treatments start within a few days following a surgical trauma.

According to, “Soulstice therapists are highly-trained with decades of combined experience in the Medical Massage Therapy field. Our priority at Soulstice is to provide each client with a unique support system of care.  Through skillful bodywork and mindful client education, Soulstice therapists are committed to bringing people back into wellness and health.”

For more information on their medical massage therapy services, clients may book a consultation with their team by visiting their website at or by contacting them through the numbers below.