Post surgical Massage to recover from any surgery


Soulstice is the innovator of Peri-operative Therapy offering a unique, integrated approach to help people recover from any surgical procedure. Since 2005 Soulstice has been the rehabilitation partner and resource to surgeons in the Denver Metro area. Using massage therapy techniques and addressing the phases of healing we offer relief to swelling, scarring and postural compensation patterns after elective or reconstructive surgery. 

Over the years our therapists have had to opportunity to watch live surgeries to learn what happens when someone experiences a surgical procedure. The value of this is seeing how the body reacts to a modification. Whether the procedure is an elective procedure or one that is necessary to address an injury or chronic pain syndrome, our brain observes it as a trauma and reacts accordingly by creating inflammation and guarding the surgical site by restricting movement. This is completely appropriate in the acute phase of healing and very important in the first stage of recovery. To move into the next phase of healing, called the subacute phase, it is imperative to reduce the swelling/inflammation and create a healthy environment for healing. This is where Soulstice Peri-operative Therapy services benefit clients the most! We are part of the rehabilitation team and the healing journey.

Contact Ann at Soulstice to learn more about how Peri-operative Therapy can help you or a loved one after any surgical procedure.