Pain Relief & Surgery Care Packages


Soulstice is proud to introduce pain relief and surgery care packages specific to your Health Maintenance and Peri-operative needs.These care packages give an additional boost to your recovery process from surgery, intense workouts, or simple pain relief.

If you or a loved one has spent any time in the hospital, you know how difficult, painful and isolating the process can be – from the moment you’re admitted to the hospital, to surgery prep, to the recovery period – surgery is taxing to both body and soul.

Peri-operative, Pain Relief, & Surgery Care Packages

One of the best ways to support your friend or family member in their recovery is to hook them up with a post surgery care package. No matter what type of surgery or procedure they’ve undergone (or are scheduled to undergo), we’ve designed a Soulstice Peri-operative Care Package to lift their spirits, speed their healing, and remind them that they are loved and supported during a possibly difficult experience.

Are you the one in need of a post surgery care package? There’s no shame in treating yourself! We believe that self care is absolutely crucial to your overall health, and this is never more important than when you’re healing from a traumatic experience like an injury or surgery.

But self-care should never be thought of as just for folks recovering from injury, or as selfish or self-indulgent. Self care is an important part of our physical and spiritual health, especially for those of us who are active or who value fitness.

Save Money on Post Surgery Care Packages By Purchasing a Massage Therapy 3, 5 or 10-Pack of either 60 or 90 minute sessions

Study after study has confirmed that Peri-operative and Health Maintenance massage therapy reduces pain during recovery, while speeding the healing process, and providing the crucial element of human touch that can be forgotten or diminished when we’re focused on just ‘getting better.’