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Massage Therapy for Workplace Injuries

One of the most important missions of Soulstice is to become the trusted advisor for physicians and their patients. It’s one thing for physicians to know about us, but to then like us and ultimately entrust their patients into our care is the utmost professional compliment. In order to accomplish this goal, we prioritize building strong relationships with physicians across medical disciplines, focusing particularly on working with plastic elective and reconstructive physicians. We feel that our particular set of skills can be especially helpful to these patients as they rehab following surgery.

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Oncology Massage Therapy Helps Patients Relax, Cope, Feel Well

There are many ways in which oncology massage has been proven to help mesothelioma patients, and others living with, or in recovery from cancer. From reports from individuals to organized academic studies, the proof is overwhelming that massage can provide relief in a number of ways regardless of where you are in your cancer journey.

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Expand your massage practice to include cosmetic-surgery

People who choose to enhance their body with elective cosmetic surgery do so to improve their appearance and quality of life. After determining what body, breast or facial procedure is best for them, a client will often consult with a few surgeons to select the best fit for them. They are eager to have their outward appearance match how they feel on the inside.

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Peri-operative Therapy for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic plastic surgery is an industry in need of skilled therapists to help people cope with their surgical recovery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the United States in 2012. In addition, 5.6 million reconstructive plastic surgery procedures were performed last year. These surgeries are typically divided into three main categories: face, breast and body.

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Peri-operative Therapy for Cardiac Surgery Pain

Recent studies confirm – massage therapy helps cardiac patients with surgery recovery while effectively managing peri-operative pain. Soulstice's client-centered pre- and post-surgery treatments are based on our therapists' deep physiological knowledge, and dedication to building human connections.

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Peri-operative Therapy for Postoperative Pain and Hastened Healing

No matter what type of surgical procedure you might be undergoing, you rarely consider the postoperative phase – that swollen, puffy, bruised, scarred, anxious, and downright painful time immediately afterward. A growing number of Denver surgeons now prescribe Soulstice Peri-operative Therapy to help alleviate post surgical pain, heal faster and with fewer complications.

Read More Announces Its Newest #1 Google Ranking for the Term: "Post Surgical Massage Denver" (Soulstice, Ltd.) has been garnering positive reviews for the wellness programs they have put together to assist people undergoing the complications of traumatic recuperation. Many people have been going through intense medical procedures, such as surgeries, which have side effects that take a huge toll on their body. To top everything off, with the many therapies they offer, their “Post Surgical Massage Denver” is so great that it has secured a top spot Google’s Page 1 results for said term.

Read More Announces Its Newest #1 Google Ranking for the Term: "Peri-operative Therapy Denver"

The process of the Peri-operative Therapy that Soulstice Wellness is offering consists of two stages: the Pre Phase or the surgery preparation phase, and the Post Phase or the surgery after care phase. These carefully executed procedures are conducted to ensure and heighten the alleviation of the pain and recuperation of the body after going through an invasive medical treatment. What they have developed is a highly integrated and specialized technique that makes use of gentle contact, meaning pain-free touch. Their procedures are carried out with proficiency and care, which makes it a prolific experience for patients who are in a state of high post-operative sensitivity.

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Soulstice, Ltd. Expands by Way of Franchising

Soulstice, Ltd., a Peri-operative Therapy and health maintenance massage business since 2004, is now expanding by way of franchising throughout the United States. With over 25 years of industry experience, co-founders Ann Brooks and Kent Lemburg have developed a thriving Peri-operative Therapy and health maintenance massage business supporting those recovering from surgery.

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The Body Remodel of Liposuction

As part of ongoing training for our specialty service, Peri-operative Therapy, our therapists have the unique opportunity to observe surgeries from our referring physicians. Laurie, a seasoned Soulstice Peri-operative Therapist, recently observed a liposuction procedure.

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Phases of Healing Following Surgery

Undergoing surgery of any kind is a traumatic experience, and your time spent healing can be a painful, daunting, stressful process. For many people, the questions that arise during their recovery can morph into an endless stream of confusion.

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Post Op Care Following Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Soulstice has become the leaders in Peri-operative Therapy, by helping people recover following their surgical procedures. We treat patients who have undergone cosmetic elective, OBGYN, orthopedic, and reconstructive surgeries. Above all we believe that Peri-operative Therapy has been beneficial for those who have undergone breast reconstructive surgeries.

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Ways to Manage Scars and Bruising Post-Surgically

Scars are a necessary outcome for those receiving a surgical procedure and usually thought of as being only visible externally. Scars are basically unorganized collagen. After the scar has played its important role of closing the surgical site, the original scar tissue is no longer needed and the skin remodeling phase of scar healing can take place

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