Soulstice - Innovators of Peri-operative Therapy

We are proud to be providers of Peri-operative Therapy and high-level Health Maintenance massage therapy services.

Soulstice has revolutionized massage therapy by developing Peri-operative Therapy, a gentle integration of manual techniques that are applied around the time of surgery.

Soulstice Peri-operative Therapy:

  • Empowers recovery process
  • Facilitates lymph flow
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Alleviates pain
  • Eliminates swelling and bruising
  • Softens scar tissue
  • Smoothes out lumps and bumps
  • Regenerates nerve pathways

Our specialty massage therapy services also relieves post-operative depression and anxiety, enhances one's ability to sleep, increases circulation and helps the body repair itself.

Soulstice therapists are highly skilled at integrating soft tissue techniques to meet a variety of client needs. Our therapists come to Soulstice with many years of massage therapy experience - working primarily with physicians and the medical community.

We use our knowledge of the body, create an individualized client treatment plan, to ultimately restore and influence the surgical rehab process.

How We Got Here

Founders, Ann Brooks and Kent Lemburg began Soulstice in 2004 to provide skilled manual therapies to persons undergoing any type of surgery.  In addition to their specialty, Peri-operative Therapy, the goal of Soulstice is to offer quality Health Maintenance massage therapy for general aches and pains, or simply to relax and feel great.

Ann Brooks and Kent Lemburg are seasoned massage therapists with a passion to contribute to the ever evolving massage therapy industry. Soulstice was created by these two therapists who have realized this market niche, the desire to provide a valuable service to a population greater than the capabilities of their own private practices, and the willingness to take a risk.

In 1995, a serendipitous encounter led Kent to start seeing the liposculpture patients of a local plastic surgeon. Craig Reynolds believed that massaging the wound site expedited his patients' recovery.  However, he soon discovered that his patients didn't have the confidence, knowledge or understanding to apply skilled pressure, duration or frequency.

Dr. Reynolds began his collaboration with Kent so that he could rely on the technical skills of a soft tissue specialist to complete the post-operative manual work. The results were promising. His patients reported feeling supported and encouraged with hastened recoveries. Dr. Reynolds began to require that all of his patients receive post-operative massage therapy, realizing that all could benefit.

Upon the completion of massage therapy school in 2001, Ann Brooks immediately began her private practice. She helped those dealing with chronic pain and rehab related to auto and work comp injuries.  When she had the opportunity to treat her first plastic surgery client in 2004, she intuitively knew that this was her passion.  She formulated processes to treat her burgeoning surgical clientele sector.

Ann also developed and taught a massage therapy Business Practices course for a Denver-based massage therapy school until 2005.

Kent and Ann met through a mutual friend and colleague, who knew that they both had a specialized practice addressing surgical trauma.  Shortly thereafter they merged their private practices to develop Peri-operative Therapy.  They now train other therapists their integrated manual technique to address swelling, scarring and postural distortion after elective and reconstructive surgery.  Peri-operative Therapy techniques are also highly effective in dealing with trauma from auto and work comp injury even if surgery is not required as part of the rehab process.  In fact, this work is used to avoid surgery or stare off eminent surgery.