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Soulstice peri-operative and massage therapy raises the industry standard of care.  We create physician alliances.

We've developed a client-centered pre and post surgical treatment to facilitate healing.  We call it Peri-operative Therapy. Gentle manual techniques will assist in the healing process and have proven helpful in reducing recovery time, softening scar tissue, alleviating pain and reducing swelling and bruising.

Soulstice therapists are highly skilled in many soft tissue techniques to meet a variety of client needs from Health Maintenance to Injury and Accident Recovery. We customize your therapy focusing on your symptoms and helping you recover faster or just maintain your optimal levels of health.

Building Relationships for Life®

At the core of who we are is relationships that we build each and every day. We may touch a client’s life once, or for years – through many phases of life. The depth and breadth of our client relationships and healthcare referral sources help define who we are.

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Health Care Sharing and the Mediterranean Diet

With the great debate about the Affordable Care Act, the American Health Care Act, and issues with the insurance industry, it’s important to remember that there are other options when it comes to caring for your family.

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Massage Therapy for Workplace Injuries

One of the most important missions of Soulstice is to become the trusted advisor for physicians and their patients. It’s one thing for physicians to know about us, but to then like us and ultimately entrust their patients into our care is the utmost professional compliment. In order to accomplish this goal, we prioritize building strong relationships with physicians across medical disciplines, focusing particularly on working with plastic elective and reconstructive physicians. We feel that our particular set of skills can be especially helpful to these patients as they rehab following surgery.

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Benefits of Organic Food for Your Health & Planet

There is a great deal of scientific evidence indicating that organic foods have greater concentrations of these beneficial nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. So much so that over the last several years, organic food has become sort of a buzzword in the health, nutrition, and agricultural arenas.

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Oncology Massage Therapy Helps Patients Relax, Cope, Feel Well

There are many ways in which oncology massage has been proven to help mesothelioma patients, and others living with, or in recovery from cancer. From reports from individuals to organized academic studies, the proof is overwhelming that massage can provide relief in a number of ways regardless of where you are in your cancer journey.

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