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Soulstice peri-operative and massage therapy raises the industry standard of care.  We create physician alliances.

We've developed a client-centered pre and post surgical treatment to facilitate healing.  We call it Peri-operative Therapy. Gentle manual techniques will assist in the healing process and have proven helpful in reducing recovery time, softening scar tissue, alleviating pain and reducing swelling and bruising.

Soulstice therapists are highly skilled in many soft tissue techniques to meet a variety of client needs from Health Maintenance to Injury and Accident Recovery. We customize your therapy focusing on your symptoms and helping you recover faster or just maintain your optimal levels of health.

Building Relationships for Life

We see people for a variety of needs and seasons of their lives.  We will gain a client for one reason or another, say following a surgical procedure, and then they come back to us later for a different reason – perhaps from a weekend-warrior injury, or stress.

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Post Op Care Following Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Soulstice has become the leaders in Peri-operative Therapy, by helping people recover following their surgical procedures. We treat patients who have undergone cosmetic elective, OBGYN, orthopedic, and reconstructive surgeries. Above all we believe that Peri-operative Therapy has been beneficial for those who have undergone breast reconstructive surgeries.

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Ways to Manage Scars and Bruising Post-Surgically

Scars are a necessary outcome for those receiving a surgical procedure and usually thought of as being only visible externally. Scars are basically unorganized collagen. After the scar has played its important role of closing the surgical site, the original scar tissue is no longer needed and the skin remodeling phase of scar healing can take place

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Cupping vs Traditional Massage Therapy

We have great success using massage cupping therapy. Traditional massage therapy presses and pushes into muscle and soft tissue to stimulate blood circulation. With massage cupping, we lift, stretch and mobilize the fluids beneath the surface of the skin. This allows for greater freedom of movement of soft tissue.

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